About Us

Little Dragon Media is a young and passionate web development and marketing agency based in Toronto. We pride ourselves in being a truly Torontonian company, catering specifically to the needs of businesses in this vibrant city.

We are based on the beautiful St-Clair Avenue West and are available to discuss your needs and objectives by phone or by email. If you would like to meet us to discuss your needs in person, please call today to schedule an appointment.

About the Founder

Amine Rahal is a web entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Since graduating from college in Montreal with a Computer Science degree back in 2003, Amine has held various web related roles for some large-scale organizations accross Canada, the United States and China. Before starting Little Dragon Media, Amine was evolving as a Web Producer at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, where he worked on some major U.N. websites attracting millions of visitors each day.

Top certifications obtained:

  • Google Analytics IQ Certification
  • Google Adwords Search & Display Certification
  • Microsoft Bing Ads Certification

About The Mission

Our mission is simple, to help Toronto-based businesses generate more leads and get more customers through a professional and well-designed website coupled with an optimized search and social presence.

We noticed that a significant number of local shops and stores in Toronto still don’t have a website, and others do have a website but no search engine presence, which is almost as bad.

In 2017, more than ever, Canadians are searching for businesses online before physically going to their location. A professionally-designed website and good reviews are what customers are looking for, and that’s part of the work we do here at Little Dragon.

A great website + good reviews + high search rankings = recipe for success. We can help you through each step of the way, regardless of the type or size of your business. Give us a call today!

Working for us

Interested in joining our team? Click here to read more about what we’re looking for in potential candidates.