Social media has revolutionised the marketing industry. It has levelled out the playing field and made it easier for brands both small and large reach demographics beyond borders at an accelerated pace for a lower price. It’s word-of-mouth with wings. Interestingly enough, 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a business are likely to recommend that brand to others. Indeed social media has come a long way and has officially established itself in the marketing world as a lead and sales generator. Today, there are over......

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5 Essential Free Plugins To Protect Your WordPress Site

You don’t want to lose your hard work and see your site go down. Website owners face numerous threats ranging from relatively harmless (but undoubtedly annoying) spam, to serious hacking attempts that can take down your website and irreversibly delete your data. Most of us tend not to worry about security until it’s too late, but it’s not something you ever want to overlook. The repercussions can be very serious. WordPress is a great platform and they do an excellent job with security and releasing swift updates for any vulnerabilities, however due......

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