2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more



"We launched a Facebook Ad campaign to promote a free trip giveaway... This has resulted in thousands of likes, shares, tweets and about 50 inbound links from travel blogs. Our organic search traffic has improved by 35% over the course of a couple of months because social shares and inbound links are major ranking factors in Google's algorithm."

"Little Dragon Media, recently launched a program offering free web design and marketing services to refugees... aimed at helping skilled people such as electricians and plumbers develop websites to promote themselves... They could be a tremendous workforce for us here in Canada if we give them the chance."

"Little Dragon Media recently surveyed 500 Canadian small business owners and asked: 'What part of your company's digital marketing do you struggle with the most?' The Toronto-based web development and digital marketing agency gave all small business owners the following five digital marketing services to choose from: SEO; SMM; Blogging; Reputation Management; and others"

"Every second 40,000 search queries are made on Google and every day there are people looking for information about local businesses, products, and services. The search engine consumer behaviour stats below curated by Google offer useful insights on how you can wield both user and consumer behaviour to your advantage; helping you drive more local leads and in-store sales."

"In a small local market, I find that giving away free samples of your product (if that’s possible) can do wonders. There’s a local chocolate maker that we worked with that used this strategy effectively. They hired two students at minimum wage to give away chocolate samples along with a brochure in some of the busiest intersections of the city at rush hour. Rinse and repeat."

"We found, through testing multiple campaigns, that email marketing is still the channel that generates the most engagement. We encourage all of our clients to start with a monthly newsletter where they share important company updates and industry insights. One of our clients experiences a 300 to 500 percent increase in calls and email inquiries every time they launch their newsletter."

"I think web designers should tone down on using parallax everywhere like it's the holy grail of web design. I've seen some websites where literally every section had a parallax background. While I think parallax can look good when used sporadically, using it too much makes the whole website look bad because it takes away from the content itself and brings the visitor's focus to the backgrounds which is bad for conversion rates."

"Unsurprisingly, a large number of marketers suggest building links by creating great content. It’s not a shortcut, and it’s nothing revolutionary. But it’s the best link-building strategy out there... Create a 'linkable resource' like a mortgage calculator or other tool, by doing keyword research and working with a coder—then offer the widget to other sites with a permanent backlink to yours."

"I think one of the most promising fields for startups is making everyday devices "smart." Think, for example, a toilet that scans your waste and sends important biomarker data to your smartphone after analysis, or a garbage bin that scans your garbage bag and provides you with important data like what percentage of it is recyclable/organic, etc. AI and IoT can drastically improve our lives."

"Having an experienced work history is great, but as the employer, I would love to hear how that experience would be beneficial in a startup setting. If the candidate can clearly state how their experienced work history can make them the ideal candidate for the startup position they are applying for, it might make them a more interesting candidate than a less experienced candidate."

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