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2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more



Looking for strategy consulting services for your business in Toronto? Look no further. We got you covered at Little Dragon Media.


Key part of Strategy Consulting

Any business, big or small, should have strategic consultation services in place as a key part of their online marketing strategy. Through a strategic consultation campaign allowing for an expanded active online presence, you will increase visibility and build your brand’s reputation. This allows you to reach out to potential visitors who continue to inquire about your products and services.

In order to see exactly where your brand stands with its online presence in your industry, we offer strategic consultation services. This analysis and consultation will help us determine how well your business is seen among potential visitors as compared to your major competitors and develop a sound strategy to help you improve your visibility, reach and ultimately your ROI.

What Does Our Strategic Consultation Services Include?

  • On-page and Off-page analysis
  • Competition comparison
  • Content reporting
  • Where you stand when searching keywords related to your website
  • Social Media presence
  • Brand’s visibility among search engines
  • Design and functionality of your website
  • Competitor analysis
  • Web-traffic analysis & increasing traffic
  • Ideas to gain more business


No task is out of our scope here at Little Dragon, as our strategic consulting team have managed effective campaigns for companies in a myriad of unique industries. From local clients here in Toronto, to many others across Canada and abroad, at Little Dragon Media, your company is in great and experienced hands.

Bars & Cafes

& Pet Care

Dentists &
Dental Clinics

Healthcare &
Medical Clinics


Travel &

Real Estate Brokers
& Agencies


Schools, Universities
& Colleges

& Daycare

& Farmland

Retail Stores

Lawyers, Attorneys
& Legal

& Banking

Arts &

Gyms &
Health Clinics

Why Are Strategic Consultation Services Important?

If you have never monitored your presence on the Internet to see how well your marketing activities are working, you should do one now to set a baseline for measuring your improvement over the next few months. As you increase your visibility, great things can happen for your business.

What have I missed? Is there something else we should include in this analysis? Let us know how well you are doing.

Ready to chat about how our strategic consulting agency can help you?

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What are strategic consultation and management consulting services and how can they help your business? Through strategic consultation and management services, we help you understand what is happening with your business, help you plan for future scenarios, help you to develop an adaptive comprehensive strategy to adjust to the current market, and show you ways to best maximize your business' potential for growth.


Our strategic consultation services lets us look into how your business is doing online and within your marketplace. We will help pin-point areas needed to focus on and will help you craft a dynamic strategy for your business to grow and thrive.


We will analyze all aspects of your business to ensure no stone is unturned and every possible business advantage is maximized! We will look at everything from your website design, functionality, readability and content. We will also help you with analyzing your online presence through your social media platforms, your audience engagement through 'Google My Business', and every facet of your business. Through our strategic consultation services we will help your business develop a sound and concise strategy to ensure your business is humming on all cylinders and reaching its peak potential, from head to toe.


We will also look into your ideal keywords and locations in respect to your competitors in relation to your competition. With our detailed analysis, you’ll be able to pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats online.


With strategic consulting services at Little Dragon, we will help give you an edge on your competitors and that extra push to get your business moving in the right direction.

The cost for our strategic consulting services will vary from client to client. Just like all businesses are not the same, neither are our services plans. The cost will be dependent on such factors are the size of your business, and the amount of consultation you require.


Here at Little Dragon, our strategic consultation services are effective and proven. You can trust that your investment will be returned times over within the coming months after starting to work with our team of strategic consulting professionals and marketing consultants.

You may be wondering why do I need someone to tell me how to run my business, and we understand that completely. We are not here to tell you how to do your job, however, we are experts in the 'DNA' of business and how to best position yourself for growth and business success - that is why our strategic consultation services are necessary.


We offer the finer points in running a successful business, and will work for you to develop a winning strategy and help fine-tune all aspects of your business so you can maximize your business' true earning potential.

Our services are designed to deliver results to your business rapidly! Here at Little Dragon, our strategic consultation services are developed and geared specifically to your business so growth and results are dependent on where your business is once we start to work with you and your business. However, from experience with a wide range of businesses and within a myriad of industries, you should be able to see noticeable growth, progress and results within the first couple of months after campaign commencement.

Absolutely, 100%! We have experience with and love working with non-profit organizations on their strategic consultation plans. As long as Little Dragon and your non-profit organization are a good fit we are more than happy to work with your non-profit organization.


Our expert strategic consultants have worked with a wide range of non-profit organizations here at Little Dragon, and we truly relish any opportunity to help non-profit organizations that share a similar vision, and who are genuinely trying to make a difference in this world. To learn more about how we can help, please feel free to call us now at 647-348-4995 or email us at info@littledragon.ca.

We feel your pain! We totally understand that there are a lot of options in this city and that you might be struggling to choose the right one to handle strategic consultation for your business. The reality is that it depends on many things, such as reputation/reviews, price, previous work examples and how comfortable you felt with them on the phone. You also want to make sure you hire a local Torontonian company and not a company that "pretends" to be here but outsources all their services offshore.


You want to be able to speak to the strategic consulting team directly and not have to deal with communication or time zone issues. Check the agency's reviews and ratings online from its previous clients too. It never hurts to speak to a few different companies before making a decision. We at Little Dragon Media are totally transparent when it comes to our physical location, and you can find our prices, reviews and examples of our work on our website as well. Nothing is hidden! We're confident about our abilities and are one of the rare companies that have a 100% satisfaction or money back policy.