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Your Website Crashed? Here Are 8 Possible Reasons You Should Investigate.

A website crash can be a frustrating experience, especially if you're a business that relies on its website to generate leads or sales. A study revealed that close to 45% of large companies claim that an hour of unexpected downtime results in a loss of $1 million in revenue. In this post we'll cover 8 possible reasons that could have…

Why Poster Advertising is an Important Marketing Tool

For centuries, placards and posters have been used to advertise all manner of businesses. However, with the advent of lithography in the mid-19th century, advertising posters were able to be mass-produced. Furthermore, the Industrial Revolution changed the consumer landscape, making mass-produced products readily available to consumers for the first time in history.  In our modern age, advertising posters are an…

The Importance of Dentistry Branding for Your Dental Clinic (+ Tips and Examples)

As a dentist, you understand that dentistry is a fiercely competitive industry. Consequently, elevating yourself above the competition is critical for the success of your practice. Implementing an effective marketing plan that includes a proven branding strategy is essential for instilling a positive first impression with potential new patients. In this article, we discuss the importance of dentistry branding including…

How to Increase Sales Through Web Design in 2022

In today’s highly competitive digital marketplace, it has never been more imperative for a business owner to think about their website. Having a well-designed, fully responsive site is essential in creating an overall positive first impression with potential customers. In this article, we discuss how to increase sales through web design in 2022.  First Impressions are Key As the old…

Affiliate Marketing Canada: How to Get Started to Increase Your Sales

Without question, our increasingly digital age has changed the way businesses market themselves to customers. Companies now possess a varied toolkit of marketing strategies that enable them to improve brand awareness, lead generation, transparency, and credibility. In this article, we discuss how to get started to increase your sales with affiliate marketing Canada. What is Affiliate Marketing Canada? Affiliate marketing…

Marketing for Financial Advisors: Where to Start & How to Get Ahead of Competition

The financial services industry is a white-hot competitive space. There are certain components of marketing for financial advisors like web design, social media, and content creation. In this article, we discuss where to start & how to get ahead of the competition. Marketing Ideas for Financial Advisors Having a proven and effective marketing strategy in place is key for financial…

Selling on Shopify: Top 5 Tips to Build an Online Presence for Your Shopify Business

Since its inception in 2006, Shopify has become one of the pre-eminent eCommerce platforms for online businesses. That being said, any owner of a Shopify business knows that it's a competitive marketplace. Creating brand awareness is crucial for any company, and fostering an excellent online presence is key to ensuring ongoing growth and success. In this article, we discuss the…

Best WordPress Plugins Of 2022 And How To Use Them

A WordPress plugin is a software element that allows you to have additional features on your website. Learn how to use plugins here.


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Hey! Did you know that the Canadian Government launched a $2,500 grant in 2023 for small businesses that want to either create a new website or update an outdated one? Contact us to learn more...

Hey! Did you know that the Canadian Government launched a $2,500 grant in 2023 for small businesses that want to either create a new website or update an outdated one? Contact us to learn more...

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