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How to Re-Optimize Your Content for Better SEO

You’ve already published content on your blog, but the material is becoming stale and it’s not performing as well as you would like. It’s not generating leads, it’s not driving sales, and organic traffic is in a nosedive. If this sounds like your existing content, you need to make some changes. Luckily for you, re-optimizing your search engine optimization (SEO) content is simple. In 2020, there are plenty of small tweaks and improvements that you can make to increase the visibility of your content and help boost its rankings on search engine......

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In a previous blog post, we gave you the most effective restaurant menu design tips. If you haven’t taken a look at them yet, go ahead and do that now. If you’re one of those people that likes to read the TL; DR (too long, didn’t read) section of an article, here’s a summary of everything you need to consider when designing a menu: Understand your customer’s journey: What motivated the customer to choose your restaurant over other dining options? Consider demographics: Who is the restaurant for? How old are they? What......

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How to Design the Perfect Email Newsletter

Your company’s monthly newsletter isn’t worth much if nobody reads it. Unfortunately, most newsletters share this fate—either by relegation to the spam folder or they’re left buried and unopened in the depths of the inbox.  According to an October 2019 MailChimp study, the average open rate for email marketing campaigns is 21.33 percent. If you want your email marketing campaign to be effective, you’re going to have to shoot for an open rate that at least hits this mark. The good news is that you can boost your chances of having your......

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SEO Techniques That Will Get You in Trouble in 2020

Whether you’re a small e-commerce vendor, a budding brick and mortar business owner, or a digital marketing agency, the last thing you want to happen to your online brand is a Google penalty. If Google flags you with a penalty, it’s going to seriously hurt your website’s search engine rankings, tank its visibility, and take away from your sales.  Most businesses that rely on generating high web traffic can’t afford to get hit with a Google penalty. At this point, the questions we’re often asked are: what are Google penalties, and how......

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There are many SEO tactics that work well for dental services, but if you’re a dentist focused on what you do best, you probably don’t know what those tactics are. Let this blog post be your guide and act as your primer towards mastering local search engine optimization for your dental services. Employing just a few of these tips on your own will get you ahead of the game when it comes to ranking above other dentists in your area on Google and other search engines and ultimately getting more business than......

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What Is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

You probably know what search engine optimization (SEO) is, and how important it can be for improving your website’s visibility and generating leads. Equally important is app store optimization (ASO), which is a lesser-known marketing technique that can do more to pad your bottom line than optimizing for search engines. There are nearly 3 million Android apps on the Google Play Store and roughly 2 million on Apple’s App Store. If your business has a mobile app, chances are that it’s lost in the sea of apps that exist on Android and......

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Chatbots: Gimmick or the Real Deal?

Chatbots are like virtual assistants for your customers. They use artificial intelligence (AI) to conduct natural language conversations, understand the user’s wishes, and direct them to their desired endpoint with minimal human inputs required. For years, it seemed that chatbots were poised to take over. Industry titans such as Facebook and Microsoft introduced proprietary chatbots in 2016 and, seemingly overnight, they became the talk of earnings calls, developer conferences, and tech enthusiasts everywhere.  At first, it seemed as though chatbots were set to become the next craze in consumer technology, with widespread......

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Your Guide to Perfecting Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO can make or break your company’s online visibility. After all, 46 percent of all inquiries on Google are for local information. If your digital presence fails to connect nearby searchers with the goods or products they need, you can kiss your rankability goodbye. To nail your marketing strategy, your SEO campaign should supply local searchers with the information they’re looking for about nearby products and services. A well-rounded digital marketing campaign should satisfy the demand for fast, accessible solutions by mastering the art of local SEO. Ready to find out......

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Creating the perfect instagram profile for your small business is an absolute must in this day and age. After all, more than 300 million people share their stories, photos and videos on the platform every single day. One of the things that separates Instagram from Facebook and other social media platforms is the fact that making stories and editing content is so easy. The mobile app is also really easy to use and nearly every aspect of the user experience promotes engagement. Some of the best tips for creating the perfect Instagram......

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