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Business Card Design

Even though today everything is becoming digital, there is still room for old school business cards. They have their own advantages that digital media still cannot cover. What would you do if you need to deliver your contact information to someone quickly because you’re in a hurry and there’s no time to use your cell phone? And what if there is no pencil or paper at hand? Or what if your acquaintance does not carry a cell phone at that particular moment? You lost a chance to network. Follow these tips from......

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5 Of The Busiest Toronto Street Corners to Advertise Your Business

Toronto has the distinction of being the largest and most dynamic metropolis in Canada. With a metropolitan population of over 2.7 million people, suffice it to say that the streets of “The Six” are bustling at any given moment. With so many bodies concentrated in this urban milieu, there are numerous intersections that provide the perfect location for a stellar billboard campaign for a brand. Exceptional print design is essential for companies to stand out and captivate audiences. Here are 5 of the busiest Toronto street corners to advertise your business. The......

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Knowing how to make a sign stand out is of utmost importance if you run a local business that depends on foot traffic. Restaurants, local retail outlets, even the local dive bar. They’re all fighting for the same eyeballs and the same share of the same wallets. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips for making a sign stand out. This is especially important if you’re in a major city like Toronto. Sure they’ll be lots of people walking by on a Friday night in the downtown core, but all that......

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Many things can go wrong with your WordPress site unless you implement a clearly outlined set of tips and strategies for troubleshooting. We’re going to give you some of those tips right here. WordPress is by far the most powerful and most popular blogging/web development platform in the world. It allows any small business owner or solopreneur the opportunity to put together a professional looking website with little to no knowledge of any coding or web development skills. How is this possible? WordPress allows any and all developers who wish to do so the opportunity to......

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There are many things to consider when designing an employee handbook. The first rule of thumb should be something that every employer seems to overlook: don’t design a boring employee handbook. Every new employee that starts working for your company just assumes that whatever they’re going to read on the first or second day of working for you is going to be super mandatory and super boring. That probably doesn’t set the tone for how you want people to feel when they come to work every day. Coming up with a cool......

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Reddit marketing can be a big key to promoting your small business online. After all, the website is known as the front page of the Internet. Reddit is currently the 19th most popular website on the Internet. The website is basically a mix of a social media platform and a forum. Its only goal is to organize the top viral content on the Internet according to feedback and posts provided by users. To put into perspective just how powerful Reddit can be for anybody trying to market a business online, the site......

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A solid restaurant menu design isn’t just a reflection of your restaurant’s brand and the atmosphere it creates, it’s an extension of all the marketing collateral that’s in the public’s view before they even get to your establishment. A properly designed menu can also increase profitability dramatically. The way people read things, the way they perceive value and the way they perceive the quality of the meals you’re offering are all influenced by the layout and design of the menu. That’s why it’s vitally important to design your restaurant menu mindfully and......

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Top SEO Tips For Schools, Daycares And Colleges In 2020 – 8 Marketing Experts Chime In

Suffice it to say, the education sector is an exceedingly competitive space. The sheer number of schools, colleges, and daycares across Canada is mindboggling. Moreover, over 90% of users never venture past page 1 of an online search. That said, it’s crucial for institutions like schools, daycares, and colleges to utilize search engine optimization (SEO) to increase search rankings, and therefore, the potential for enrolment. In this article, 8 marketing professionals discuss the top SEO tips for schools, daycares, and colleges in 2020. Schools And Colleges Benefit From Having A High Domain......

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16 Tips for a Kickass Brochure Design

When you think of putting together a brochure for your company or project, you probably think of something that folds in thirds, has a generic stock photo on the front of someone smiling and features a few nice headings with some text on a white background. While most brochure designs you pick up at your doctor’s office follow this template, the truth is you don’t need to limit your brochure designs to that kind of a traditional style. There are so many things you can do with graphic design that you’ve probably......

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The idea of marketing a nightclub event with flyers is something that will never get old. That’s true no matter how many social media platforms are out there selling you data on the young millennial demographic that sits on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp making plans to go out next Friday and Saturday night. Why? Because handing out flyers pushing the next nightclub promotion or local concert still works really well. Think about how people are feeling when they’re out and about and looking for the hottest club in the area to check......

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