2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

5 Google Ads Tips for Cleaning Companies

At Little Dragon, we’ve been helping several cleaning businesses improve their lead acquisition through both Google Ads and SEO for decades. We’ve experienced a 300% ROAS recently for a specialized cleaning company after only 2 months of the campaign being live.

This led me to want to create this post to share with our audience the 5 reasons why I think this account has been successful:

1. Well-Optimized Landing Page (Don’t send traffic to your homepage!)

Believe it or not, we still get calls from cleaning businesses that have spent thousands of dollars on Google Ads WITHOUT a landing page. They all come up with the same response when I ask why they didn’t create a landing page: “Well we think our website is great!”.

It doesn’t matter how great your website is. A landing page that caters to the specific cleaning service and audience you’re targeting is known to perform much better. Also, landing pages can be optimized for better loading time, since you are stripping all the unnecessary components and keeping it ultra-light.

Loading time is a killer of dreams! Imagine this: someone searches for cleaning services, clicks on your ad, but then…bam! They’re staring at a loading screen that feels like forever. In the blink of an eye, they’ve bounced and you’ve lost a potential customer. That’s why your landing page needs to load faster than your reflexes when you see a dust bunny. We’re talking under a second, ideally, but under 2 seconds is good too.

Clear Communication is Key: Once they’re in, make it crystal clear what you offer. Do you specialize in deep cleaning that leaves no grime behind? Gutter Cleaning? Residential Cleaning? Commercial Cleaning? Are you the move-in/out prep heroes? Highlight your unique selling points (think eco-friendly products, 24/7 availability or efficient customer service) and don’t forget a big, bright button that says “Get a Free Quote!

Don’t Forget Trust Builders: Show potential clients you’re the real deal. Display logos of certifications or affiliations and include security badges to make them feel confident choosing you. Display your positive review badges and seals, too (e.g.: BBB, Google Reviews, TrustPilot, etc). These can drastically improve your conversion rates!

2. Respond to Inquiries Like You’re Greeting a VIP.

First impressions matter! When someone reaches out for a quote or asks a question, respond quickly. We’re talking minutes, not hours. Let them know on your landing page that you’ll be reaching out in a flash, and mention how you’ll contact them (text or call, whatever they prefer). This is one of the reasons our clients have experienced such a high closing rate from our leads. We help them by linking their website forms with the client’s phone number so they get their new leads sent to them by SMS in seconds!

Multiple Channels: Not everyone loves SMS. Provide options like phone calls or email for those who prefer a different approach.

3. Follow Up! Don’t Give Up After The First Call.

Following up is critical! I see way too many clients only calling a lead ONCE and giving up on them if they don’t get an immediate positive answer. You need to follow up, every other day or 3 days, and personalize the message! Mention their specific needs and offer valuable advice, like tips for tackling tough cleaning challenges. This keeps your brand at the top of of their mind.

Omnichannel Approach: Follow up across different channels (phone, email) depending on how they first contacted you.

4. Real Reviews are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Not only do you need a ton of five-star reviews on trusted third-party sites like Google My Business, TrustPilot the BBB, but you also want to display them prominently on your landing page! Here’s an example of a subtle yet prominent way to display your reviews above the fold:

Positive reviews are like gold for your business. They show potential clients you’re the cleaning company they can trust. Explain why reviews are important and how they help others make informed decisions.

Incentives with Shine: Encourage your happy clients to leave you a review by sending them a direct link or QR code they can scan to leave an immediate review. Don’t wait too long or they might forget about your work and moved on to other projects. Thank those who leave reviews with early access to new promotions or exclusive content.

5. Start a Newsletter to Keep Clients Engaged

Don’t do that one cleaning job and then go radio silent. Launching a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter is a great idea to keep your clients engaged. Don’t overwhelm them with emails, though! Instead, focus on sending valuable content related to cleaning in your newsletter. Think tips for specific cleaning tasks (carpet stain removal, anyone?), seasonal cleaning guides (spring cleaning checklists are a lifesaver!), or special offers relevant to their needs. Send them your seasons greetings during holidays too, along with any holiday special 🙂

Frequency and Relevance: Monthly newsletters are plenty, in most cases. Segment your email list to send targeted content based on their interests or past cleaning services.

A Personal Touch Goes a Long Way: A simple “Hi [Name]” in your newsletter can make a big difference in building relationships with potential clients.

Bonus Tip: Shine a Spotlight on Your Strengths

  • Targeted Keywords: On Google ads, make sure you use relevant keywords to reach people searching for cleaning services in your area. Be careful if you use broad match as you might be getting a lot of irrelevant searches.
  • Location Targeting: Target your ads to specific neighborhoods to tailor your message to local needs. With Google Ads, you can even target by zip or postal code.
  • Track and Analyze: Keep an eye on your campaign performance to see what’s working and what needs tweaking. This way, you can optimize your campaigns for even better results.
  • High-Quality Ads: Invest in creating eye-catching ad copy and visuals that showcase your USPs. Use high-quality images or videos that capture the sparkling clean results you deliver.

That’s all, folks. These are the five tips that helped us generate a 300% ROAS for our cleaning client in the second month of launching their Google Ads campaign. By implementing these Google Ads hacks, you can craft a winning online presence that attracts new customers, builds trust, and helps your cleaning company become the star of the show. Remember, exceptional customer service and sparkling clean results are the heart of your success, but a well-crafted Google Ads strategy can illuminate your path to a thriving business. So go forth and shine.

Need Any Help With Your Google Ads Campaign? Call Us.

If you would rather have experts handle your PPC campaign, at Little Dragon Media, we got you! Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form, and we’ll implement a strong Google Ads strategy for your cleaning company, while you just site back and enjoy the leads coming in. We also offer Google Ads Coaching services for cleaning companies that want to learn how to launch and optimize their own Google Ads campaigns in-house.

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