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2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more



Looking for exceptional Poster Design Services for Advertising? Look no further. We've got you covered at Little Dragon with phenomenal advertising poster design that will prove a vital marketing tool for reaching your target audience in a cost-effective way.




Our design team gets your advertising poster ideas right because they do their homework. Here, we learn everything about your brand's marketing objectives and ultimate goals.


There's always room for improvement, right? So let's draft for greatness. We'll develop multiple variations of your poster design until it's perfect and to your ultimate satisfaction. We'll do the work. All you have to do is approve!


From rough to refined copy, here's where you receive a final variation of your poster design. Go ahead! Honk your horn and show your poster design off to friends and family.


Need multiple versions of your poster design? Want custom designs for different audiences? Feel free to test with different templates and figure out which one closes more sales.



Our designers get it right because they do their homework. Here is where we get to learn everything about your brand's marketing objectives and paint points.


There's always room for improvement, right? So let's draft for greatness. We'll develop multiple variations until it's "100." We'll do the work. All you have to do is approve!


From rough to refined copy, here's where you receive a final variation of your poster design. Go ahead! Honk your horn and show your poster off to friends and family.


Need multiple versions of your poster? Want custom designs for different audiences? Feel free to test with different templates and figure out which one closes more sales.



There’s more to poster design than coloured paper and fancy fonts, it needs a concept. Our holistic approach offers a team of digital marketing experts, copywriting wordsmiths, and creative graphic artists, all who can help your advertising poster ideas stand out from the pile.


Have a concept for a advertising poster design but need professional help? Let our team of graphic designers and illustrators refine your imagery for you. From custom design to original font to special sizes, we can bring your poster ideas to life.


Having a poster design for every seasonal occasion can make a world of difference. Whether you’re postering with guerilla marketers in parking lots or handing out posters at a conference, we offer reinvented versions, giving you the right touch for every occasion.


No task is out of our scope here at Little Dragon, as our dynamic poster design team have experience designing and developing custom posters and effective marketing solutions for a myriad of unique industries. From local clients here in Toronto, to many others across Canada and abroad, at Little Dragon Media, your company is in experienced hands. We will provide numerous advertising poster design ideas for you to choose from, ensuring that your business stands out in the competitive marketplace, regardless of your industry.

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For an eye-popping poster design, you don't have to go all-out with an overbearing, maximalist aesthetic à la New York City poster designer Noah Baker. Instead, you can keep it simple, as long as you stick to the fundamentals. All of our posters are designed in-house, by our graphic design team. Take a tour of our poster design portfolio below where you’ll find examples of different poster ideas that were designed and developed locally in Toronto for many different industries and in an array of styles that best represent each brand's style and their message.

Ready to chat about how our poster design agency can help you?

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Posters are a very important marketing tool to your business as they can catch the eye and attention of your target audience in a highly cost-effective manner.


When designed properly a poster will be viewable and make an impact to your consumer from a great distance so that it will attract and draw people to it, like a moth to a flame.


The utilization of posters to advertise, market and educate your target audience has always been a conventional medium to convey information about your business, product and/or service. Now in modern times and within the digital age, posters are still a highly effective marketing strategy to grab the attention of your consumer. A creative, well designed poster has the powerful ability to gain a great deal of new exposure to your business and convert them into potential buyers from the initial spark of a simple glance while traveling down a busy street or while surfing the web and shopping online.


Businesses are always looking for a way of increasing their ROI through effective and cost effective marketing strategies. This reason is a big factor why a poster campaign for your business is a powerful tool at your disposal to grab your audiences’ attention so you can gain valuable exposure for your business without breaking your budget.


Our experienced and talented design team create posters that are works of art and strike the right chord with the right message for the right audience. Whether posted on the busy streets or stapled on a jammed packed office bulletin board, our posters are powerful, persuasive and stand out — everything you want in a poster design. Take your posters to the next level and let our team of Toronto graphic designers woo you.

We streamline the poster design process here at Little Dragon, that way it is as easy and stress-free as possible for you. Our poster design team will assist you through each step of the poster design process and cover all the bases. Our poster designers take pride in making certain you are fully comfortable and informed all the way through the design process, from start to finish. Our poster design team is committed to ensuring the capture the vision you are looking to achieve completely, bringing it to life through a kickass poster design that effectively conveys your message to your audience with style and professionalism.


The creative process of designing your poster works like this:


1. The first step is getting to know you, your brand, and your message. We will set you up with our poster design team who will go over and discuss every aspect of the poster design project with you. This crucial first step gives us the initial framework for your poster design so that we can understand you, your business and your vision, that way we can best bring your vision and message to life through the rest of the creative process.


2. Next, we will start putting together a comprehensive design plan for your new poster, covering everything from tone, style, message, imagery, colours, illustrations, desired look and feel, etc. In this step we make sure to cover all of the bases in assembling a plan with you for your poster creation to ensure our team has everything they need and understands your vision precisely.


3. Step three is where the planning turns to designing, as our poster design team gets to work on creating your poster design comps (initial design concepts) for you to review. These design comps will be delivered to you online through our 'TeamWork' platform in PDF format and will include a minimum of 3 unique poster designs for you and your team to review.


4. Once you have taken your time to review the poster design comps, our design team will sit down with you via phone and/or email to discuss which comp(s) you like and work with you on the next step in the process. If we hit it out of the park on the first set of comps and you would like to finalize a poster as is, that is fantastic! If so, we will next work on finalizing your poster selection with you immediately.


5. Step five is all about fine tuning your design. If you would like any revisions to tweak or change any aspects of a poster design, whether it be the layout, the content, fonts, colours or whatever you wish, that is totally fine also of course! Rome wasn't built in a day and we completely understand that... Little Dragon Media is committed to ensuring we get your poster design just right! This is proven by our company policy of offering up to 3 rounds of revisions to ensure we get the design dialed in perfectly and deliver to you a perfect poster design that fits your company and your message.


6. In step six all of the work comes to fruition. Once we have refined your selected poster design and get everything exactly as you like, we will submit the design to you for final approval. Once approved, we will finalize the design and deliver your new kickass poster design to you in a variety of formats for both web and print, so you can start circulating your new poster online on social media, your website, blog or whatever means you choose, and print your new poster so you can spread your message far, wide and loud!

Prices for our poster design services vary based on different factors, as no poster design project is the same. Among these factors, our poster design team will discuss with you the complexity of the poster you are looking to create, the size and use of the poster, if you are looking to keep the graphics and/or imagery within the poster simple, or if you would like to include custom intricate illustrations or heavily Photoshopped image elements within your design.


To discuss these factors more in-depth, and to speak with our poster design team directly so you can ask any questions you may have and get a custom quote for your new poster design project, please either contact us info@littledragon.ca, call us at 647-348-4995, or click the 'Request a Quote' button on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Once your final poster design has been reviewed and approved by you, our design team will finalize and output your poster design files and send them over to you via email, our 'TeamWork' platform, or via DropBox. *note* we can arrange the files to be delivered via a wide range of means digitally that best fits your needs and works best for you. Regarding file formats (file types) you will receive a final package of files containing: EPS (the editable design file), PDF (versions with and without bleeds & registration marks*), TIFF, and uncompressed JPEG files.


We will also provide you with your new poster design files in both CMYK and RGB colour formatting so that you can produce your new poster via print, as well as distribute the design on the web!


* bleeds and registration marks are added on this version of your poster design file specifically for the use of the print-shop. This file is used only when printing your brochure.


Additionally, if you require or would like any other specific formats outputted we can happily get any formats desired outputted and included in your final package free of charge.

No, we do not offer poster printing services here at Little Dragon Media, however, we do work with some of the best print-shops locally here in Toronto and would be more than happy to suggest some for you that can print your new poster design for a reasonable and competitive fee.


Additionally, if you live outside of the city and need help in selecting printing options around you, we will go that extra mile and will gladly help with sending you some great suggestions of quality print-shops/print-options in your area!

We feel your pain! We totally understand that there are a lot of options in this city and that you might be struggling to choose the right one to produce illustrations for your business. The reality is that it depends on many things, such as reputation/reviews, price, previous work examples and how comfortable you felt with them on the phone. You also want to make sure you hire a local Torontonian company and not a company that "pretends" to be here but outsources all their services offshore.


You want to be able to speak to the designers working on your illustrations directly and not have to deal with communication or time zone issues. Check the agency's reviews and ratings online from its previous clients too. It never hurts to speak to a few different companies before making a decision. We at Little Dragon Media are totally transparent when it comes to our physical location, and you can find our prices, reviews and examples of our work on our website as well. Nothing is hidden! We're confident about our abilities and are one of the rare companies that have a 100% satisfaction or money back policy.