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2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

Getting Spam Leads on Google Ads? Block These 51,672 Email Providers…

If you’re running lead gen campaigns on Google Ads, you probably have dealt (or are dealing with) spammy form submissions, despite setting up captchas. It’s frustrating, I know! No Google Ads account is immune to this issue, especially when you are grow large enough that you are getting hundreds or thousands of clicks per day.

Now, while there is no strategy that will 100% block all irrevelant and spammy lead submissions, you can implement security measures in your forms to block certain emails domains51,672 domains to be precise! (We’ll be updating this list regularly)

Blocking the domains of popular disposable and spammy email services can help reduce spam and make sure you are only getting legit conversions in your Google Ads lead gen campaigns. Here are some of the most popular spammy email domain names you might consider blocking right away:

  1. 10 Minute Mail:
    • @10minutemail.com
    • @10minutemail.net
    • @10minutemail.co.uk
  2. Guerrilla Mail:
    • @guerrillamail.com
    • @guerrillamailblock.com
    • @sharklasers.com
    • @spam4.me
  3. TempMail:
    • @temp-mail.org
    • @temp-mail.io
    • @temp-mail.com
  4. Throwawaymail:
    • @throwawaymail.com
  5. FakeMail:
    • @fakemail.com
    • @fakemail.net
  6. Maildrop:
    • @maildrop.cc
    • @maildrop.cf
  7. YOPmail:
    • @yopmail.com
    • @yopmail.fr
    • @yopmail.net
  8. Getnada:
    • @getnada.com
    • @nada.email
  9. TrashMail:
    • @trashmail.com
    • @trashmail.net
    • @trashmail.de
  10. EmailOnDeck:
    • @emailondeck.com
  11. Mailinator:
    • @mailinator.com
    • @mailinator.net
    • @mailinator.org
  12. MinuteInbox:
    • @minutemailbox.com
    • @minutemailbox.net
  13. Mohmal:
    • @mohmal.com
  14. Dispostable:
    • @dispostable.com
  15. Spamgourmet:
    • @spamgourmet.com

The above are just some of the most popular ones that we’ve been personally dealing with through our client campaigns. However, if you want to go above and beyond these popular ones and cover all your bases, we’ve included a list of over 50k email providers below…

Download The Full Email Domains Block List

Do you want to get the full list of 51,672 email domains you should block?

Download it here (ZIP file containing a text file).

Blocking all of these domains at once can help you ensure you are only getting submissions coming from trusted email providers and domain names. Some WordPress form plugins will allow you to upload a list of domains to block within your fields.

Additional Strategies to Block Spammy Leads

Aside from blocking the email domains that are known to be spammy or to yield bad leads, here are some other strategies you can implement to mitigate this issue and ensure you are only paying for legit lead submissions:


Upgrade to reCAPTCHA v3: If you’re using reCAPTCHA v2, consider upgrading to reCAPTCHA v3, which provides a better user experience by analyzing user behavior and assigning a score to filter out bots.

2. Honeypot Fields

Implement Honeypots: Add hidden fields to your form that are invisible to human users but visible to bots. If these fields are filled out, it indicates a bot submission, and the form can be rejected.

3. Form Field Customization

Use Conditional Logic: Implement conditional logic to only show certain form fields when specific criteria are met. This can help deter bots that are set up to fill out standard forms.

Custom Field Names: Use non-standard field names to confuse bots that are programmed to fill out common fields like “name” or “email.”

4. Email Verification

Double Opt-In: Require users to verify their email address before the form submission is completed. This can significantly reduce spam submissions.

5. IP Address Blocking

Block Suspicious IPs: Monitor the IP addresses of form submissions and block those that exhibit suspicious behavior or come from known spam sources.

6. Third-Party Tools

Use Third-Party Tools: Integrate advanced spam filtering tools such as Akismet or CleanTalk, which can provide additional layers of protection against spam.

Behavior Analysis: Implement tools that analyze user behavior (e.g., mouse movements, time spent on page) to determine if the submission is likely from a human or a bot.

7. Server-Side Validation

Validate on Server-Side: Implement server-side validation to check form submissions for common spam indicators, such as multiple submissions from the same IP address in a short time frame.

8. PPC Campaign Adjustments

Refine Targeting: Review and refine your PPC targeting settings to exclude regions or demographics that are more likely to generate spammy submissions.

Negative Keywords: Use negative keywords to filter out irrelevant traffic that might be contributing to spam submissions.

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