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Holiday 2023 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

Holiday 2023 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

How to Increase Sales Through Web Design in 2022

In today’s highly competitive digital marketplace, it has never been more imperative for a business owner to think about their website. Having a well-designed, fully responsive site is essential in creating an overall positive first impression with potential customers. In this article, we discuss how to increase sales through web design in 2022. 

First Impressions are Key

As the old adage goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a positive first impression in this life. This sentiment certainly holds true when it comes to your company’s website. When potential clients first visit your site, they immediately form opinions about your company and your brand. 

Regardless of your industry, high-quality web design is imperative to convey the credibility and effectiveness of your business. In 2022, your website must be fully responsive, user-friendly, and operate perfectly with all devices to elevate your business above competitors.

SEO is Essential

You can’t have an excellent web design that will increase sales without effective SEO (search engine optimization). In our digital age for any business to be successful, SEO is an invaluable and cost-effective component to driving organic traffic to your website, which will build brand awareness with your target audience and ultimately increase sales.

According to research, in 2021 alone, approximately 5.7 million Google searches were conducted per minute. In our digital age, consumers are increasingly turning to search engines such as Google to learn about their purchasing needs. Therefore, the content on your web pages must be tailored for your target audience. 

When potential customers search for target keywords pertinent to your respective products and/or services, effective SEO will drive relevant traffic to your website because you are ranking higher on the search query. Ultimately, consumer sentiment is that only the top-ranked websites on page 1 of a search query are the most credible. Therefore, those high-ranking websites on a search engine results page (SERF) receive the vast majority of traffic with the potential for increased sales.

Never Forget About Mobile-Responsiveness 

In today’s digital marketplace, having a fully responsive website is of paramount importance to increase sales. In 2022, 93.6% of Canadians amounting to 36 million people used a mobile device to go online.

A business that has a mobile-responsive website will perform significantly better than competitors that have forgotten about mobile responsiveness. In essence, responsive websites respond perfectly to all devices be it desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones regardless of the size of the screen. Mobile development and mobile marketing are also imperative in the digital marketplace to increase revenue.

Pages Must Load Quickly

Today’s savvy users expect websites to be fast, meaning that pages must load quickly. Maximizing your website’s page load time is paramount for a business to not only increase sales but likewise to succeed in the competitive marketplace. 

Research has shown that 70% of consumers stated that slow loading pages on a website impact their willingness to purchase from a business. Given that percentage, companies must be mindful of ways to increase page loading times which include:

  • Optimize and resize images
  • Use essential website plug-ins only
  • Keep abreast of page load times

Provide Relevant Content

Content creation is a critical element for any business to grow and thrive. Providing relevant content on your website gives consumers valuable information about your respective products or services. 

Offering high-quality relevant content is part of an overall solid marketing strategy that will help a business engage its target audience, gain brand awareness and exposure, generate valuable traffic, more leads, and increase sales.

Think About a Positive User Experience

When it comes to great website design that will increase sales, websites must provide the best possible user experience (also referred to as “UX”). In 2022, your website must be fast, guaranteeing that the display of information and the visual structure of each page is intuitive and changes effortlessly regardless of the screen.

Basically, effective web design must have a positive user experience in mind. All components must be presented strategically including design, content on each page, and the overall information architecture (IA).

The Takeaway

In general, web design plays a significant role in the success of any business irrespective of the industry. A superbly-designed website includes a myriad of vital components that all contribute to effectively conveying credibility to potential customers.

A business that has a high-quality, professionally designed website already sets itself apart from competitors who do no not. Not only will this accelerate new client acquisitions and thus increase sales, but you will significantly expand your brand awareness with consistent branding that creates a much more impactful impression with your target audience.

Mindful web design includes all the crucial elements such as a positive user experience, SEO, and mobile responsiveness to ensure that users choose to purchase your products or services, and that your business flourishes well into the future.

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