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Knowing how to make a sign stand out is of utmost importance if you run a local business that depends on foot traffic. Restaurants, local retail outlets, even the local dive bar. They’re all fighting for the same eyeballs and the same share of the same wallets. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips for making a sign stand out. This is especially important if you’re in a major city like Toronto. Sure they’ll be lots of people walking by on a Friday night in the downtown core, but all that......

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Many things can go wrong with your WordPress site unless you implement a clearly outlined set of tips and strategies for troubleshooting. We’re going to give you some of those tips right here. WordPress is by far the most powerful and most popular blogging/web development platform in the world. It allows any small business owner or solopreneur the opportunity to put together a professional looking website with little to no knowledge of any coding or web development skills. How is this possible? WordPress allows any and all developers who wish to do so the opportunity to......

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There are many things to consider when designing an employee handbook. The first rule of thumb should be something that every employer seems to overlook: don’t design a boring employee handbook. Every new employee that starts working for your company just assumes that whatever they’re going to read on the first or second day of working for you is going to be super mandatory and super boring. That probably doesn’t set the tone for how you want people to feel when they come to work every day. Coming up with a cool......

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Reddit marketing can be a big key to promoting your small business online. After all, the website is known as the front page of the Internet. Reddit is currently the 19th most popular website on the Internet. The website is basically a mix of a social media platform and a forum. Its only goal is to organize the top viral content on the Internet according to feedback and posts provided by users. To put into perspective just how powerful Reddit can be for anybody trying to market a business online, the site......

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16 Tips for a Kickass Brochure Design

When you think of putting together a brochure for your company or project, you probably think of something that folds in thirds, has a generic stock photo on the front of someone smiling and features a few nice headings with some text on a white background. While most brochure designs you pick up at your doctor’s office follow this template, the truth is you don’t need to limit your brochure designs to that kind of a traditional style. There are so many things you can do with graphic design that you’ve probably......

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Flyer Marketing: 25 Places to Distribute Your Flyer for Maximum Exposure

Finding places to distribute flyers for maximum exposure is one of the most important aspects of door-to-door/local marketing. It’s actually one of the more cost-effective ways to market a business. That’s why even in this digital, social media, SEO dominated world that we live in today, local businesses still hand out flyers. As personable and old school as hand-delivering flyers door-to-door may be however, there is still a lot to consider when planning out a proper distribution strategy. Don’t worry though, we’re about to spell out a whole flyer distribution game plan......

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Having access to the best SEO tips for insurance firms at your disposal is absolutely crucial. Think about it for a second. Every major insurance company that ranks in Google for its own name brand likely has the budget to launch national marketing and advertising campaigns any time they want. They have deep pockets. After all, it’s illegal to drive a car without insurance. Most reasonable employers have to offer insurance and benefits to their employees because the job market is so competitive. Those benefits often include life insurance, and anybody who......

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Dentists aren’t exactly experts when it comes to coming up with their own ideas for social media marketing. That said, a savvy dentist focused on building their business is naturally going to want to hire a social media consultant or firm to help get things going. The reality is, dentists are looked to as experts on everything surrounding oral health and cosmetic dentistry. They should be. They go to school for longer than the average person. There is tons of pressure on them to graduate with high marks and put in lots......

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On an average weekday in 2019, 1.6 million people take 2.76 million separate trips on the TTC. Those trips are divided equally between the subways, which sees 1.34 million people walk through the turnstile, and buses and streetcars, which see 1.34 million people paying the fare. With more than 5.52 million eyeballs staring at the walls on those vehicles while waiting to get to and from work every day, it’s no wonder that out-of-home advertising is standing the test of time, while other forms of advertising, like those featured in newspapers and......

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UX And SEO: How Canadian Companies Can Simultaneously Improve Both – 10 Experts Chime In

UX and SEO complement each other in a number of ways. In fact, user experience and SEO coexist hand in hand to fulfill users’ needs. In this article, 10 marketing experts chime in on how Canadian companies can simultaneously improve both UX and SEO.  SEO Best Practices And The Updates That Search Engines Are Putting Out Emphasize The User Experience “SEO and UX shouldn’t be considered separately, they are intrinsically linked. Major SEO efforts, like improving page speed, providing helpful content, and enabling users to easily navigate around a website are centered......

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