Top Social Media Sites Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this social media infographic, you’ll discover the top social media sites influencing consumer buying behaviour today.

Without question ever since web 2.0 hit the scene the cultural impact of social media single-handedly turned the advertising and media industry up and over its head.

Online communities like Digg and Reddit and Myspace and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and YouTube and LinkedIn and Tumblr and Snapchat — to just to a name “a few” — with all of their undeniable influence on consumer opinion and purchasing behaviour, shook the marketing world.

But with all the hundreds of social media marketing networks out there in the socialverse, there are only a select few that truly influence consumer buying behaviour.

Take a look at the impact of the top 5 social media sites influencing consumer buying behaviour below and let us know which channel helps your business the most in our comments section. Until next post!

persuasive social media sites

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Source: The Drum

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