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2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

What Can Google Ads Support Help With, and What Can They NOT Help With?

Google Ads is arguably the most powerful advertising platform in the world. When your campaigns are built properly, Google Ads can help you significantly increase your bottom line and expand your online exposure. On the flip side, if your campaigns aren’t properly built, you can end up losing a lot of money and get a negative ROI from your campaigns. This is where Google Ads Support may be able to help.

At Little Dragon, we are a certified Google Partners Agency, which means that we have extensive knowledge in creating effective Google Ad campaigns that drive a maximum amount of conversions to our clients. Check out our Google Ads service page for more info on hiring us.

In this article, we’ll talk about what Google Ads Support team can help you with, and what they won’t help you with. For the latter, you will need to hire a Google Ads agency like us.

What the Google Ads Support Team Can Help With

  1. Account Setup:
    • The support team can guide you through setting up a new Google Ads account, if you’re a beginner. They can help you create the foundation of your Google Ads account, choose your billing options, and configure account settings.
  2. Campaign Creation:
    • They can provide general guidance on creating and launching your first Google Ad campaigns. This includes selecting the appropriate campaign types (e.g., Search, Display, Video), creating ad groups, and choosing ad formats. However, they won’t help with writing your ad copy.
  3. Billing and Payments:
    • If you encounter billing-related issues, the support team can assist you in setting up payment methods, resolving billing discrepancies, and providing billing statements and invoices.
  4. Technical Support:
    • If you experience technical problems with your Google Ads account, such as difficulty accessing your account or issues with ad disapprovals, the support team can help troubleshoot and resolve these issues.
  5. Policy Clarifications:
    • They can provide information and clarification regarding Google Ads policies and guidelines. If you’re unsure whether your ads comply with policies, they can offer guidance.
  6. Performance Optimization:
    • While they may not create or manage entire campaigns for you, they can offer general tips and best practices for improving the performance of your existing campaigns. This might include advice on audience targeting, keyword selection, and bidding strategies. However, this is where Google Ads support falls short in my opinion. For real campaign optimization tips, you should consider hiring a PPC agency. Google Ads Support will most likely give you the same robotic advice that is found in your Recommendations tab.
  7. Ad Approval Process:
    • If your ads are disapproved, they can provide insights into why this happened and offer guidance on how to modify your ads to make them compliant with Google’s policies. However, for some issues, like crypto, they won’t be able to help at all. They simply will ask you to provide certain documents and wait to get whitelisted, which may never happen.
  8. Reporting and Analytics:
    • They can help you understand how to use the reporting and analytics features within Google Ads to track the performance of your campaigns, including metrics like clicks, impressions, and conversions.

What the Google Ads Support Team Won’t Be Able to Help With:

  1. Campaign Strategy:
    • While they can provide general advice on campaign setup and optimization, they typically won’t create or manage entire campaign strategies for advertisers. Developing a comprehensive campaign strategy may require the expertise of a Google Ads-certified digital marketing specialist or agency.
  2. Keyword Selection
    • Finding the right keywords to target for your campaigns isn’t something that the Google Ads support team will help you with, since it requires meticulous research and competitor analysis. A Google Ads expert or agency will do all the research and generate hundreds of potential keywords to target. They will then conduct A/B testing to find out which ones convert best.
  3. Creative Content Creation:
    • They won’t create ad copy, graphics, or other creative content for your campaigns. You are responsible for creating your ad materials, including text ads, image ads, and video ads.
  4. Market Research:
    • Conducting in-depth market research or competitor analysis is generally not within the scope of their support. These activities may require additional research tools and resources.
  5. External Tools and Integration:
    • Assistance with third-party tools, API integration, or advanced scripting may require consulting the specific tool’s support or hiring a developer with expertise in the tool or integration.
  6. SEO or Organic Search:
    • Google Ads support is primarily focused on paid advertising, so they may not be able to provide extensive guidance on organic search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, which involve improving your website’s ranking in unpaid search results.
  7. Business Consulting:
    • They are not business consultants and may not be able to address broader business issues unrelated to Google Ads. Strategic business decisions may require the input of business consultants or experts in specific industries.
  8. Guaranteed Results:
    • While they can offer guidance, they cannot guarantee specific advertising results, such as a specific click-through rate (CTR) or conversion rate. Actual results depend on various factors, including competition and ad quality.
  9. Legal Advice:
    • They cannot provide legal advice or make decisions related to legal disputes or copyright issues. Legal matters should be addressed by legal professionals.
  10. Refunds or Policy Exceptions:
    • They may not be able to issue refunds for advertising spend or grant exceptions to policy violations. Decisions related to refunds and policy violations are typically subject to Google’s policies and procedures.

There you have it! As you can see, the Google Ads Support team has its limitations. It’s essential to set clear expectations when seeking assistance from the Google Ads Support Team and to recognize that they are there to help within the scope of their expertise and platform capabilities.

For more specialized needs or in-depth strategy development, you may consider working with Google Ads Certified Professionals, digital marketing agencies, or experts in specific areas of online advertising.

There is no miracle when it comes to Google Ads. Getting a positive ROI from this marketing channel requires careful research, proper execution and continuous A/B testing. Google’s support team will help you get things started, but

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