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2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

15 Things An Exceptional Dentist Website Should Have

In this digital age, dentists must have an impeccable online presence to truly succeed. In the ultra-competitive medical industry, dental professionals must think about things like dentist website design and marketing. Additionally, components like website maintenance and SEO services to attract new patients, and maximize ROI. In this article, dental professionals and marketing experts discuss 15 things an exceptional dentist website should have.

Effective Call-To-Action, Great Self Care Content, And A Focus On Family Dental

“Things a Great Dentist Website Should Have: 

Effective Call-To-Action – The ultimate goal is to have a potential patient give the dental practice a call or fill out a form. There should be between four and six calls-to-action buttons strategically placed throughout the desktop and mobile view of the website. The call to action buttons should never be overwhelming, but at the same time be incredibly easy to use and get in contact with your practice.

Great Self Care Content – After each and every visit, typically a dentist sends their patient home with new toothpaste or a new toothbrush to use. Besides those two items, there are other things to focus on when it comes to their overall hygiene. This why content about topics like hygiene, mouth wash, teeth whitening should be on your website. The site should be a helpful resource for all potential patients. Blog articles like this, keep your patients interacting with your brand even after the dental visit. This great content will also be a ranking factor locally bringing in more patients.

A Focus On Family Dental – Family Dental is what really pays the bills when it comes to a Dental practice. This is why there should a heavily vested interest when it comes to ranking for family dental, insert your city here. Each conversion has the possibility of bringing in 3 or more patients. The page should have tons of helpful content, faqs, and testimonials. You want to build as much confidence as possible in Google and potential patients with their family dental page.”

Brett Prentiss, Co-Founder, Instinct Marketing

Online Appointment Requests And Photographs Of Their Cosmetic Work

“ In 2020, every dentist should have 2 things on their website: online appointment requests and photographs of their cosmetic work. Our lives are busier than ever, and keeping up with your dental appointments is not the first priority for most people between the hours of 9-5. Online scheduling is necessary to help people fit these important tasks into their day, because it can be done when they remember to – even if that’s in the middle of the night! 

Photographs of their cosmetic dental work is the other component that is necessary in 2020. We are in an age where we can research and find reviews for everything under the sun, and dentistry should be no exception, especially when you’re looking to invest tens of thousands of dollars. Cameras are ubiquitous, and no one should have to just trust that they are going to get an amazing result- they should feel confident because they have seen proof of amazing results.”

Dr. Stacey Cohen, Owner & Cosmetic Dentist, The Practice Beverly Hills

Dentist Websites Should Have Daily Tips

“Dentist websites should have daily tips. Whenever somebody is looking for a healthcare professional on the Internet, it is nowadays important to show not only relevancy and professionalism, but also to show that the dentist is active and understands new technology, which means that he will most likely understand the client better. Having daily tips – they can be weekly, the important is to show that the site is active – can actually make the visitor think that the dentist is up to date and cares about his patients. This can be the difference between two dentists on the Internet that have nothing so different looking as the online listings only.”

Yoann Bierling, Dentist Website Creator, Dr. Marie Pierre Valdes Dentist Luxembourg

Google Reviews, Information About Insurance, And A Staff Page

“The API that shows the office’s Google Reviews rotating by on a slider – In 2020 more than ever, we’re all about reviews. Instead of making website visitors hunt your reviews down, show how proud you are of them, and put them right on the homepage.

Information about insurance – This might be obvious and the same as before, but big surprise, in 2020 people are still extremely concerned about their money. Dedicating a good section of your website to talk about your payment process and what kinds of insurance you work with will answer a lot of questions that potential clients might have and it will make them feel safer about checking you out.

A slider or a beautiful page all about the staff – The personal touch is what makes dentist offices stand out from one another. Patients want to feel like the office where they’re going is full of loving, enthusiastic people who will take good care of them. The absence of charming staff pictures and information seems to be a red flag that the office does not have happy staff members.”

Ryan Cook, Writer and Marketing Expert, Epic Marketing

“A good dentist website should have:

Good and friendly home page – To make the consumer feel comfortable. It also makes a good first impression. Bad home pages will increase your bounce rate.

Contact form for inquires – A contact serves the ability for patients to ask any final questions before pulling the trigger to go in. Can be used to collect emails to then send out special offers and get customers back in.

Location and clinic hours – Important especially if you are open during the weekend where most of your patients in this industry will be looking to come in.

FAQ Page – A good FAQ page is very underestimated and can answer the easy and common questions that clients may have. They can save you time and spend less time on phone calls that are just asking questions to get more calls to set appointments.

Service Page – They should have a list of their service like root canal, cleaning, deep cleaning, and crowns, etc.

Payment and Trust Badges – Have in the footer menu of all payment types accepted. It really helps that one customer who has an American Express card. Trust badges help too. Like a Norton Secure Badge or top 5-star badge, or 100% satisfaction.

All these will help you have the best dental site, and all these are SEO-worthy to also help boost your ranking with Google.”

Miguel Mendoza, Website Developer, 1993 designs 

In 2020, it has never been more imperative for the success of a dental clinic to have a lead-generating website and overall great online presence. Exceptional website design creates an excellent first impression and attracts new patients, which is the key to success for dental professionals.

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