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5 Examples Of Great Dental Clinic Websites

Dentistry is one of the most competitive marketplaces today. In our digital age, for dental clinics to truly flourish and attract new patients, you must consider integral components like dentist website design and marketing. In addition to website design, dental practices should also think about essential elements like SEO services and social media management to maximize the potential growth of your clinic.

Factoring these components, what actually comprises an incredible dental clinic website? There are a few essential things that must be taken into consideration when building your dental practice website.

Mobile-Responsive Design

Given these extraordinary times, it’s never been more imperative for you to possess a mobile-responsive website for your dental clinic. In order for dental professionals to make an excellent first impression online, it is essential to ensure that you have a mobile-responsive, SEO-optimized website that will attract new patients, thus increasing sales.

Brand Credibility

Dentistry is a profession built around trust. If people do not trust or feel safe with a dental professional, they will never move forward as a new patient. That said, creating an excellent first impression online is vital to foster this trustworthiness. This sense of trustworthiness will, in turn, create brand credibility for your dental practice, essential for your business to flourish.

Dentistry-Focused Content

Regardless of whether you possess a stellar website, without dentistry-focused content, your website will simply be lost amongst the competition. Contention creation will assist in increasing brand awareness for your dental practice, which is crucial for it to grow and thrive.

Below are five examples of great dental clinic website options to elevate your dental practice website above the competition.


The Medinov theme offers a fully responsive layout and is easily customizable for any dental clinic. In addition, to its attractive design, this theme is mobile-friendly with nine different home page layouts to choose from.


The Medikal theme offers either One Page or Multi-Page layout. This theme is fully responsive and simple to customize, with over 60 shortcodes with details making it a good option for your dental clinic website.


The DrPoints theme offers boxed, RTL layouts and is fully responsive. This theme also has active contact forms making it easy for potential patients to engage with you.


The DentalPlus theme provides nine different home page designs to choose from for your dental clinic. In addition, the theme is fully responsive, easily customizable, and offers a calendar and active contact form.


The Dentilika theme is a Figma template specifically designed for dental clinics. This theme offers 11 customizable layouts with clean, professional, creative design.

Insightful Advice From Design Experts

Taking Every Opportunity To Make Website Visitors As Comfortable As Possible Is Incredibly Important

“From a marketing perspective, the website homepage should state the problem, agitate the problem, then explain and offer the solution.

For instance, when it comes to going to the dentist, most people have a lot of fear around it. That’s the problem. What happens when you don’t go to the dentist because you let the fear hold you back? Tooth decay, gingivitis, damage from grinding your teeth at night, etc. That’s how we agitate the problem.

Then we address the solution: We specialize in no-fear dentistry. When you have an appointment at our office, we give you a comfort-level assessment. We have several tools and strategies in place to handle any level of discomfort and fear around a visit to our offices like personal music programming, pre-treatment meditation, soothing lighting and aromatherapy, and all-natural stress reduction supplements. We take every step possible to ensure you feel no pain..but all the gain!

And explain the process of a routine visit to the office. People fear the unknown, and often what’s going to happen at the dentist’s office is often an unknown. Give them as much detail as you can on what a visit entails. Include a video tour of the office so they can picture the environment and themselves in it.

The copy on a website is always going to be the way to connect to a specific target market. The more niche your service can be, the better off you’ll be marketing it. Offer additional opportunities to increase their comfort level and trust via social platforms.

It’s a big deal to lay flat in a chair with someone working in your mouth. That’s a scary proposition for almost anyone. Taking every opportunity to make website visitors as comfortable as possible is incredibly important. People generally pick their dentist based on comfort-level and pain management, not their expertise in root canals.”

Julia Pizzolato, Marketing And Content Strategist, juliapizzolato.com

Finding A Balance Between Great Design And Easy To Find Information Is Key To The Success Of Conversions

“An excellent dentist website should have the ability to allow a potential patient to book an appointment quickly and effortlessly. The ability to also get answers quickly leveraging tools like online chat and FAQs allow dentists to close more patients and see more ROI on advertising dollars. Additionally, the site must be mobile responsive and easy to navigate on a mobile device. This allows current and potential patients to find information. The website should also contain live Google review feeds to help potential patients feel reassured that coming to your practice is safe, friendly, and a great experience. Finding a balance between great design and easy to find information is key to the success of conversions. It is very important to have a modern site that talks about your modern practice with a focus on the technology being used and the painless, anxiety-free experience you deliver.

Hitting all these metrics takes patience and the willingness to pivot and tweak as the community around you does the same. To leave your site stuck in the mid-2000’s even can be the difference between growing your revenue in 2020 or not.”

Sir Sanju Ganglani, founder, gang&lani media

There are numerous things to consider when designing the website for your dental practice. A mobile-friendly design, dental-focused content, and creating brand credibility are all essential.

Now that you have an understanding of what basic elements comprise a great dental website, here is further reading about 15 things an exceptional dentist website should have.

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