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5 Examples of Great Doctor Websites

In any given month, there are literally millions of online searches for local physicians. Given that sort of competition, medical clinics and doctors would be well served to consider integral things like healthcare website design and marketing. Ensuring that you utilize effective website design is imperative to attract new patients and compete in today’s digital marketplace. Additionally, doctors must also think about crucial elements like SEO services and social media management for the success of their medical practice.

Taking into account these components, what constitutes a great doctor website? There are several key things that should be taken into consideration when constructing your medical practice’s website.

Brand Credibility

Given the nature of the medical profession, doctors and healthcare clinics must convey high levels of trustworthiness and professionalism. Prospective patients will be far less inclined to choose a doctor with a website that does not exude credibility and absolute professionalism. Creating a superb online first impression is crucial for fostering trustworthiness, which then creates brand credibility.

Medical-Focused Content

Irrespective of whether or not you have an exceptional website for your practice, without medical-focused content, your website will simply not be seen by potential patients.  Contention creation will help to increase brand awareness of your healthcare clinic, which is of vital importance for it to flourish in today’s digital marketplace.

Mobile-Responsive Design

Having a mobile-responsive website for your medical clinic or healthcare organization is of vital importance. In order for medical professionals to make an excellent first impression online, it is crucial that your website is mobile-responsive and SEO-optimized to ensure that it will attract new patients in this crowded space.

Here are five examples of great doctor website options to elevate your medical practice website above the competition.


The MediCenter theme offers a fully responsive and mobile-friendly layout. This theme has a professional, modern aesthetic, and is easily customizable with a “drag & drop” page builder, in addition to a slider revolution.

Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic theme offers numerous layout options, in addition to excellent functionality to display all the services provided by your medical practice.

Healthflex Doctor

The Healthflex Doctor theme is specifically designed for the medical industry. This theme offers seven multipage demos and is completely customizable. It is also WooCommerce ready, and comes with the “drag & drop” page builder.


The Medix theme offers seven homepages to select from, in addition to a visual page builder and online appointment scheduling form. This theme also offers a variety of blog page layouts with easy social media sharing functionality, essential for your medical practice.


The Medi theme is designed with Pediatrics and children’s medical clinics in mind. This theme makes offers layouts such as contact forms, scheduling modules, and a physician about page, amongst other elements. Additionally, it comes fully responsive on all devices.

Insightful Advice From Design Experts

A Clickable, Prominent Phone Number And An About Page That Shares Your Humanity

“Two things on a website will make any doctor stand out in their field:

1) A clickable, prominent phone number – This should be in the header and footer of your website, and should be a link that triggers someone’s phone when clicked. Make sure the font size is big enough on mobile: fingers can’t grab or touch tiny text! The easier it is to contact you, the more likely you are to get new patients that trust you to be accessible to them.

2) An about page that shares your humanity – The copy on too many doctor’s sites is cold and clinical in the approach. Potential patients will immediately respond to writing that sounds like one human being talking to another. Nowhere is this more important than the about page. First, make it about your “patients” and how you help improve their lives. Then, give detail about you, and be sure to include something personal, like you have 5 dogs or love to waterski. The more a patient feels connected to you, the more likely they are to trust you and your practice.”

Reese Spykerman, CEO, Design by Reese

Helpful Content And A Focus On Generating New Patients

“There are a few actionable things a great doctor’s website should have. You want to build confidence in every potential patient before the first contact is made. I would recommend these three things, a great meet the doctor page, helpful content, and a focus on generating new patients.

A Trustworthy Meet The Doctor Page- Besides the home page, most potential patients look for the meet the doctor page. They want to know who they are trusting and their experience in the medical field. The meet the doctor page should be very approachable and inviting. Not everyone is comfortable in making that first doctor visit, so it is important that first impression, even online is a lasting one.

Helpful Content – There are many conditions that a great doctor should be knowledgable on. It is very important that there is a page describing each and every one of these conditions. It makes potential patients interact with their website more than a typical doctor’s. There should be content about just about every condition the patient may see the doctor for like plantar fasciitis to gout. This helps in the search rankings as well. A local medical website

with specific knowledge on the issue at hand will bring in more and more customers. Other blog articles having to do with at-home care, keep your patients interacting with your brand even after the doctor visit. This great content will also be a ranking factor locally bringing in more patients.

A Focus On Generating New Patients – The ultimate goal is to grow the business with new patients as much as possible. Every page on the website should always have an effective call to action that invites patients to set their first appointment. Typically an effective medical website should have between four and six effective call-to-action buttons. This increases the overall conversion rate and truly makes the doctor’s website an asset to their business.”

Brett Prentiss, Co-Founder, Instinct Marketing

When designing the website for your medical clinic or healthcare organization, there are several crucial things that are must be considered. Brand credibility, mobile responsiveness, and medical-focused content are all vital.

Now that you have an understanding of what basic elements comprise a great doctor website, here is further reading about 12 things a great doctor website should have.


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