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5 of the Most Popular Streets in Toronto to Advertise Your Business

Toronto has the distinction of being the largest and most dynamic metropolis in Canada. With a metropolitan population of over 2.7 million people, suffice it to say that the popular streets of Toronto are bustling at any given moment. With so many bodies concentrated in this urban milieu, there are numerous intersections that provide the perfect location for a stellar billboard campaign for a brand. Exceptional advertising poster design is essential for companies to stand out and captivate audiences. Furthermore, business owners should also consider professional website design to compete in today’s marketplace. Here are 5 of the most popular streets in Toronto to advertise your business.

The Intersection At Yonge And Dundas Streets

 In 2018, TOcore, a City of Toronto initiative tasked with formulating a new plan for the downtown, released its Downtown Mobility Strategy report highlighting some of the most popular streets in Toronto.

Source: TOcore – Phase 1 Taking Stock Transportation Summary Brief, (2015)

For anyone who lives in Toronto, or at the very least has visited the downtown core, it should come as little surprise that the intersection at Yonge and Dundas streets is chaotic, even in the wee hours of the morn. Based upon the data collected in the report, the corner of Yonge and Dundas sees between 90-to-100-thousand people crossing every 24 hours.

“The Downtown already has a compact, dense, walkable grid of streets, resulting in an urban structure that is well-suited to encouraging walking trips: over 40% of Downtown residents walk or cycle to work, according to the 2011 Transportation Tomorrow Survey. Everyone is a pedestrian at some point in their travels, whether by car, transit, or bicycle,” explained the TOcore report.

Additionally, the City of Toronto Transportation Services collected data between 1999 and 2012, finding a more specific number for the total traffic volume for this intersection: 129,704 people in a single day, not including cyclist traffic.

Dundas Street West And Bay Street

One street west on Yonge Street, you’ll find another of the busiest corners in Toronto: the intersection of Dundas Street West and Bay Street. This busy corner boasts a myriad of businesses, office towers, and residential condos and apartment buildings. The close proximity to Yonge-Dundas means that there’s still an influx of traffic volume that moves west.

Based upon the data released by TOcore, this intersection experiences roughly between 60,000 to 70,000 pedestrians within a 24 period.

Queen Street West And Bay Street

 The intersection of Queen and Bay streets is another high-traffic area in the downtown core. This bustling corner is in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. It features one of the city’s most iconic historical buildings situated on the northeast corner: Old City Hall. Located on the northwest corner of this intersection, is Toronto City Hall and the every popular, Nathan Phillips Square.

Based upon traffic data collected by the City of Toronto in 2011, this intersection saw 38,815 pedestrians and 19,155 vehicles in an eight-hour period.

King Street East And Jarvis Street

 Unto itself, King Street is one of the most popular streets in Toronto because it’s a major thoroughfare carving an east-west swath through downtown. The King Street streetcar system has the highest amount of ridership in the city.

“As the corridor with the highest surface transit ridership, a new vision for King Street should be explored to achieve improved transit-priority and place-making, following a more ‘complete streets’ design approach. ‘Lessons learned’ should be borrowed from surface transit streets in other leading cities, such as North American examples like San Francisco and New York, as well as international examples, such as Melbourne, Australia, and cities in Europe and the UK. This visioning work should include the development of a holistic city-building decision-making framework and associated metrics for evaluating benefits/trade-offs for different visions and to clearly communicate various choices to decision-makers. Lessons learned from the visioning exercise could help inform other streetcar corridors in the Downtown,” TOcore explained in its 2015 report.

The intersection of King and Jarvis, specifically, is another busy corner. It is in close proximity to the St. James campus of George Brown College, several hotels, and the famed St. Lawrence Market.

Yonge Street And Eglinton Avenue

 By far, the corner of Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue is the busiest intersection in midtown Toronto. Both are two of the most popular streets in Toronto.  This is the central area of this business district with numerous companies and NGOs having their corporate headquarters situated at the intersection. Amongst them include Canadian Tire, The Heart and Stroke Foundation, and TVOntario.

In 2017, Toronto Life conducted a survey and found that the Yonge-Eglinton neighbourhood was one of the highest-ranking neighbourhood in the city, with regards to available housing, low-crime rate, transit, entertainment, and employment, amongst other criteria.

“In the past few years, Yonge and Eg has transformed from a quiet intersection into the de facto Las Vegas of midtown, with dozens of skyscraping condos and scores of excellent dining options. Not in the condo market? Real estate prices have dipped four per cent year over year, so now may be a rare opportunity to consider buying a house on one of the neighbourhood’s many lush, shady residential streets. Off the well-trodden Yonge Street path, Eglinton Park offers nature lovers nine hectares of sports fields, a wading pool and—for the civic-history geeks among us—a couple of lost rivers,” stated Toronto Life.

The Province of Ontario has deemed this intersection as one of the top five Urban Growth Centres in the city. In addition, Yonge-Eglinton is in close proximity to some of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Canada, including Forrest Hill and Bridle Path.

Toronto is a bustling, thriving metropolis. The streets of the city serve as crucial thoroughfares to move people. They’re also public spaces where people meet, share experiences, and socialize. There are several popular streets in Toronto with both heavy foot traffic and vehicle traffic, which are perfect for companies to utilize as advertising locations. Because of this fact, business owners shouldn’t hesitate about differentiating their company from the competition with exceptional graphic design services.




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