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Kickass Package Design: 5 Examples To Inspire You

Possessing attractive and effectual package design is an imperative component for the success of any product. Functionality, effective and unique display of product information, and easy storage and distribution of the package itself are all essential elements that must be factored when designing a product package. That said, business owners must understand the importance of professional package design and the benefits of branding services. In this article, design experts discuss 5 examples of kickass package design to inspire you.

(Image Credit: www.morganlight.com)

The Bright Colors And Leafy, Nutritious Ingredient Story Depicted In The Illustrations Also Tell The Story Of The Product And Brand Itself

“The reason this packaging design works so well is that the image of the goddess on the wrappers is captivating, almost as if she’s making eye contact with you as you pass her on a shelf. The bright colors and leafy, nutritious ingredient story depicted in the illustrations also tell the story of the product and brand itself. The design system for this packaging was set up with a system for scaling in mind—each flavor gets a different skin-toned goddess and lush ingredient illustration.”

Morgan Light, Independent Designer and Brand Consultant, morganlight.com

(Image Credit: www.glossier.com)

Simple Lines, Bright Colors, And Cleanliness Are All Critical Elements Of A Sleek Aesthetic To The Overall Organization

“The skincare packaging by ‘Glossier’ is elegant, tidy, and lightweight. Glossier was among the first to leap on the sleek hype train and they have since rocked it. These plain, elegant, yet breathtaking concepts are eye-catching yet serene.

These beauty products are made up of an excessive amount of white space and solid, black, and simple typography. There is a shine that catches your eye and brightness that pulls you inside and keeps you wanting more.

Simple lines, bright colors, and cleanliness are all critical elements of a sleek aesthetic to the overall organization. And in a brilliant display of visual artistry and consistency, these Glossier designs exemplify these characteristics.

Elegance in cosmetic design has recently been a rising trend, with several other brands such as CoverGirl and Milk trying to capitalize on these trends. This kit style is a total star, with features like bright, white backgrounds, strong yet clear typography, yet subtle shine.

Lesley Reynolds, Co-Founder, Harley Street Skin Clinic

(Image Credit: www.beaujoiechampagne.com)

The 100% Recycled Copper Casing Of The Bottle Is A Smart Bit Of Functional Design

“BEAU JOIE Champagne is an example of exceptional packaging design. This zero dosage Champagne, contains the finest grapes from Epernay champagne, is encased in a copper suit of armor.

The 100% recycled copper casing of the bottle is a smart bit of functional design. Not only does it look striking and distinctive and can be customized by outlets, but the copper suit of armor also has a number of functional benefits too. It keeps the Champagne cooler for longer, reducing the amount of energy needed to bring the bottle to serving temperature. It helps it stay cool during consumption, and assists with grip when opening and serving. What’s more, the copper provides a sterile, antibacterial surface which means we’re seeing lots of interest from the on-premise. For a product like Champagne which is made to be shared, having a sterile surface helps reduce cross-contamination and aids with new norms around sanitization.”

Jon Deitelbaum, President/CEO, Toast Spirits, Founder of BEAU Champagne

(Image Credit: www.chaicurious.com)

It’s Perfection

“I am obsessed with the Chai Curious packaging! It’s perfection. Including a magnet and little tea newspaper inside and even that little sticker seal saying 30 cups. Well done – Viva la tea!”

Sam Fox, Owner, A&E Coffee+Tea

(Image Credit: www.instagram.com/p/CCHJb5HBUoU/)

Think About The Entire Unboxing Experience

“Think about the entire unboxing experience. A great way to test this out is to have someone unfamiliar with your product do an unboxing in exchange for their feedback. Packaging design isn’t just about having your logo included or using specific colors, it’s about the entire experience that the customer goes through; what they’re seeing, reading, and feeling. We’ve found that the best designs incorporate unique features like being eco-friendly, fun stickers, how they can make returns as easy as possible, and pamphlets with useful additional information about the product.”

Saloni Doshi, CEO, EcoEnclose

Without An Emotive Connection, You Cannot Have Good Packaging

“Successful packaging is often misunderstood and over-complicated. In reality, it emanates from a simple place: the confluence of good products, good insight, and good design, all speaking an alluring narrative. Packaging is often the first, sometimes the last, and at times the only interaction with a consumer. Good packaging doesn’t have to work all that hard – it simply needs to speak to the right person at the right time in a split second. The trickiest part is getting into the heads of the consumer in the second the product is being seen on the shelf – and then getting in their hearts so that they keep coming back. It’s these few seconds that make or break you, and in that defines good packaging. Without an emotive connection, you cannot have good packaging.

As designers, we struggle to grasp that good packaging is not just defined by pretty artwork, a good brand, and smart insight, but by the cash register. Did it sell? We also hate to admit that data and focus groups help us to find the pathways to good design, as they help us to get into the head of the consumer. It’s in this balance where the magic lives.”

Keith Seaman, Creative Director, quench

When designing a great package for a product, numerous elements come into play. Regardless of the industry, package design is an integral variable that must be considered for a product to truly succeed.

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