Marketing for Financial Advisors: Where to Start & How to Get Ahead of Competition

The financial services industry is a white-hot competitive space. There are certain components of marketing for financial advisors like web design, social media, and content creation. In this article, we discuss where to start & how to get ahead of the competition.

Marketing Ideas for Financial Advisors

Having a proven and effective marketing strategy in place is key for financial advisors to succeed in the competitive marketplace. There are some elements that must be taken into account that ultimately will help a financial services business to stand out against competitors.

Web Design

An imperative component to getting ahead of the competition within the financial industry is having an excellent financial website design. By having a professionally designed website, you immediately exude the necessary professionalism with your target audience to foster trustworthiness. Thus, in turn, you create brand credibility – essential for all individuals working in the financial services industry.

When it comes to web design for financial advisors, there are essential components that must be included to engage your target audience and expand your client base. Here are some things every great financial website should have to assist in driving sales and growth.

Social Media

Few variables have altered modern life more so than social media. That said, it has completely revolutionized how businesses in the financial services industry can engage their target audience. 

Having social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter enables financial advisor businesses to effectively drive quality impressions and improve sales. Having social media channels allows you to contact and connect instantly with potential clients. Likewise, having a positive online presence is paramount for those working in financial services, as it builds your brand awareness and credibility. 

Content Creation

Another important marketing idea for financial advisors to take into consideration is content creation. By utilizing content marketing, you can create relevant information about financial services that will attract your target audience. 

Unique, valuable, and informative content can be distributed on your website, blog, or social channels. The objective is to engage your target audience, in turn, driving traffic and valuable leads to your financial advisor business. Furthermore, providing high-quality content assists in brand exposure and brand awareness, both integral components of a flourishing business.

Financial Advisor Marketing Advice From Experts

Below is some advice from financial advisor marketing experts.

“Because there are lots of financial advisors available, it’s a bit hard to choose the best one. As much as possible, we are resorting to the easiest way to find one, and that is through websites. But how can we attract customers when they visit our website? Here are three things a great financial advisor’s website should have:

Ease of navigation. A customer looking for a financial advisor online would want to access quick information when visiting a website. We don’t want our customers to get annoyed without even providing the important

details of our services because they are figuring out how to navigate. That chance is so important!

Value proposition. A slogan or a tagline can be catchy to your customers. Creating one that represents your value proposition is desirable on a website. This also shows emotion and how committed the team of financial advisors is to deliver services.

Professional look. Websites should be visually appealing with not-so-bright or not-too-dark colors. The website design is also an important factor to make your website stand out and looks credible. It should represent the people behind and signifies professionalism.”

Ronny Vogel, CFO for Assets America,

“Every financial advisor website should have (in my opinion): 1) Pictures of happy people 2) Video financial themes 3) Contact information that is easy to find on the top of the website. 4) Bio of financial advisors and staff 5) Services offered listed in plain language 6) Social Media Links that are easy to find and functional 7) Events page that shows upcoming and past seminars/webinars 8) Research page that illustrates the focus and competence of the financial advisor.”

Miguel Gonzalez, MBA, CPFA®,  Managing Partner Cortburg Retirement Advisors, Inc

Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors

In our digital age, it is of vital importance for financial advisors to think about digital marketing. By effectively using aspects of digital marketing, you will build brand credibility and demand for your financial services business. Consequently, credibility coupled with an effectual marketing strategy can likewise help drive your digital sales and improve your conversion rates from search engines and social media. Overall, this will ensure that your financial advisor business thrives and grows into the future.

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Hey! Did you know that the Canadian Government launched a $2,500 grant in 2023 for small businesses that want to either create a new website or update an outdated one? Contact us to learn more...

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