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6 Content Marketing Tactics For Maximizing Exposure Of Your Toronto Brand

The demand for content is enormous, and likewise, the amount of content available online is almost incalculable. Content marketing is a crucial and strategic digital marketing technique creates and distributes informative and entertaining content to attract and maintain a target audience. This in turn, will drive profitable customer action for a brand. Yet, it can be overwhelming for Toronto brands to decide what is the best strategy to increase exposure. Here are 6 content marketing tactics for maximizing exposure for your Toronto brand.

Know Your Audience And Personalized Content

 The goal of content marketing is to attract an audience with quality content. Of course, the challenge is providing a personalized content experience. With this content marketing tactic, Toronto brands must focus efforts on better understanding the target audience. Attracting the attention of consumers is vital, and that is achieved by creating high quality, relevant, personalized content. Moreover, customers are more likely to engage with a brand that provides personally relevant content, and subsequently, consider the services or products of that brand.

Research Keywords

 Researching keywords is one of the best content marketing strategies a business can implement to maximize exposure. Yet, it can be difficult to find valuable topics to cover in blog posts. One of the most powerful SEO tools available on the market to assist you with this is Ahrefs. In addition to being able to perform backlink audits and finding link prospects amongst other things, Ahrefs is an indispensable tool for researching keywords.

The process is incredibly simple. Once logged in, you go to the keyword explorer tab, type a keyword, and look for keywords that have high search volume, high cost per click (CPC), and low “keyword difficulty” (KD). Obviously, these three factors are in a best-case scenario. Sometimes the topic being written about isn’t going to fulfill the aforesaid criteria, but it’s something to aim for, if possible.

The next step in researching keywords on Ahrefs is looking at what additional long-tail keywords can be bundled up in the same post. Simply look at the search volume of the suggested keywords and choose subheadings of the long-tail keywords that are related to the main keyword. Try to have subheaders with at least a paragraph of content covering these bundled long-tail keywords within the post.

Website Organic Keywords

 On Ahrefs, type the URL of a specific website, hit search, click the organic keywords tab, then look for keywords associated with the website that have high value at ranking higher. These are keywords that were already ranking in the top 50 to 100. With this content marketing strategy, you are looking for keywords that the specific website is already ranking for (using the trifecta of high search volume, high CPC, and low KD) and you want to push them higher. In essence, if additional content is created using these keywords, there is a chance for a better ranking within a search – even the top 10. If the content links to the page associated with the organic keyword topic, then link juice (the value passed through hyperlinks from one page or site to another) is transferred to the page, thus potentially increasing the rank and the traffic.

For any given website, you can find organic keywords that Google is already ranking that site for, which can be pushed to get on the first page, and then potentially in the coveted top three positions.

Promote Services Or “Money Pages”

This is another simple content marketing tactic that Toronto brands can implement to maximize their exposure. Companies should ensure that content is written to promote their services, or “money pages”. The exact usage of the keyword should appear within the post, with inner links to the URL of the service page. This is an easy and crucial tactic that Toronto brands should employ when writing content for blog posts. The “money pages” which promote services are the most important pages on any company’s website, so those are the ones you want to be ranking higher for on Google. Try to pick topics that will promote those respective pages, and use the exact keyword of the service within the post multiple times. At the bottom of the post, link to the service page and encourage people to visit that page.

Additionally, for Toronto brands that have content sites, examples of money pages could be a reviews page. If the site provides reviews with affiliate links set up, then whenever a review is written which generates a lead to the specific affiliate company, then that company compensates for the leads sent – thus constituting a money page. In general, for content sites which provide reviews, promoting these review pages within blog posts is essential.

Current Hot Topics

 A fourth content marketing tactic for Toronto brands to use is creating content about current hot topics in the news or what’s trending on social media. Brands can create content surrounding current popular topics in the world of politics, the economy, society, etc. Moreover, the hot topic could be something on social media. For example, see what’s trending on Twitter or is a popular hashtag in a certain category, and that could be a considered a current hot topic which would provide content for blog posts.

An important thing to take into consideration with this tactic, is deciding if your brand has the chance of getting a slice of the market. Basically, if the topic is too competitive, and the company website has a lower analytics ranking, then perhaps it’s best to move onto a different topic.

Exclusive Interview Based Content

 To maximize exposure, Toronto brands can create exclusive interview based content. This content marketing tactic involves exclusive interviews with high-profile individuals in a specific industry. Ideally, the interviewee’s name must have a high search volume on Ahrefs, or likewise, high social media appeal.


 A Toronto brand must know its target audience, then create personalized content that will attract the attention of potential customers. Implement the 6 content marketing tactics discussed here, and eventually you will see your search traffic increase, maximizing the exposure of your brand.

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