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2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

2024 Promo: $599/month Google Ads Management Package. Learn more

Top 6 Best Affiliate Marketing Offers in Canada

If you’re looking for an affiliate program in Canada that can pay you high commissions, you are at the right place! At Little Dragon Media, we have been involved in affiliate marketing for over 10 years, and have helped countless Canadian and US companies launch and manage an effective affiliate program.

We are therefore well aware of what affiliate programs are available out there for Canadians and which ones are worth promoting for affiliate marketers.

Here are 6 high-ticket Canadian affiliate programs we highly recommend for affiliate marketers interested in generating large commission checks every month:

#1 – Silver Gold Bull (RRSP/TFSA affiliate program)

Silver Gold Bull, Canada’s largest gold dealer with over 300,000 five-star reviews, has launched the highest-paying gold investing affiliate program in Canada.

This is probably the highest ticket affiliate program in Canada right now! You receive 2% of each investment made by your leads and $30 per qualified lead. Note that the average investment is usually around $50,000 so the commissions can get quite large if you know how to cater to the right audience. Speaking of audience, the ideal people to target are 50+ year-old RRSP/TFSA account owners, since they tend to have a large retirement account they can use to invest in gold and silver.

Given the current uncertain economic and geopolitical landscapes and high inflation numbers in Canada, people are increasingly turning to gold as a hedge, so this may be the best time to get started with this program. Top affiliates with SGB have been earning five figures per month consistently.

  • Commission structure: 2% per investment + $30 per qualified lead. (e.g.: you refer a lead that buys $10,000 worth of gold and silver, you receive $200 + $30 for the qualified lead = $230 commission for that one sale. If your lead invests 100k in gold, you receive $2,030 commission! Some leads have invested 250k and more through Silver Gold Bull.)
  • Target market: large (PS: highest ROI when targeting RRSP/TFSA owners)
  • Average sale/investment size: $50,000
  • Average commission: $1,000
  • Learn more/Sign up: affiliates.silvergoldbull.com

#2 – My Digital Money (Cryptocurrency Investing)

My Digital Money has the highest-paying crypto affiliate program in Canada today. The company caters to retirement account owners who want to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as part of their retirement portfolio.

Affiliates can earn significant commissions with this high-ticket program, receiving up to 75% of trading fees or 1% of the full investment amount, with the potential for multiple payments over a year from a single lead. The average initial order often reaches around $10,000, mainly from retirement accounts. This company pays more than the likes of Coinbase, Kraken and other popular crypto exchanges.

In today’s volatile financial climate, with growing interest in alternative assets, My Digital Money’s affiliate program offers a promising opportunity, especially as more people look to cryptocurrencies as part of their investment strategy. This could be an opportune time to engage with the program, as top affiliates have seen substantial earnings.

  • Commission Structure: Up to 75% of trading fees or 1% of the full investment amount.
  • Target Market: Broad, with highest ROI from American IRA and 401k account owners.
  • Average Sale/Investment Size: Approximately $10,000, primarily from retirement accounts.
  • Average Commission: Can vary significantly based on investment size and frequency.
  • Learn More/Sign Up: My Digital Money Affiliate Program

#3 – Villiers Jets (Private Flights)

Canada ranks #7 in the world for the number of millionaires, with close to 2,300,000 people earning 7 figured. We know that millionaires love flying private, and Villiers has the perfect affiliate program for those seeking private flights throughout North America and beyond. You receive a recurring 30% commission for every conversion. They even have an “empty legs” option for those interested in booking a single seat on a charter flight. You would earn over $530 if someone books a single seat.

#4 – Boat Bookings (Boat & Yacht Rentals)

Yet another affiliate program targeting millionaires and the wealthy: Boat Bookings allows people to rent boats and yachts all over the world, including North American, the Caribbean and Europe. We know that Canadians love boating, whether it’s in our own waters or beyond. This affiliate program can pay you $3,000 per booking, so you only need a couple of bookings to have a great month!

#5 – WP Engine (Web Hosting)

You may or may not know that WordPress is the web development platform that over 80% of new websites use, due to the fact that it’s free, user-friendly, and open source. When you create a WordPress site, you need a web hosting service to host your files. That’s where WP Engine comes in. One of the most popular web hosting platforms for WordPress sites. You can earn up to $7,500 per sale if you promote their dedicated hosting plans.

  • Commission structure: 100% first month
  • Target market: medium (website owners)
  • Average commission: $200 per salle
  • Learn more/Sign up: https://wpengine.com/affiliate/

#6 – Shopify (e-commerce platform)

You may be thinking: “Wait, Shopify is only $30 a month. How can they pay a high commission for referrals?”. The answer to that would be: Shopify Plus, a high-ticket service that can pay affiliates over $2,000 per sale. Shopify, a well-known Canadian company who is now the world leader when it comes to e-commerce platforms, is an easy sell since it’s a trusted brand name. Just put the offer in front of the right target audience and watch large commissions roll in.

  • Commission structure: up to 200% on initial purchase (NOT recurring)
  • Target market: small to medium (business owners)
  • Average commission: $2,000 per sale for Shopify Plus
  • Learn more/Sign up: https://www.shopify.com/affiliates

That’s it, folks. If you want to start earning high commissions from referring products online, we highly recommend you check out these five affiliate programs. Do you know any other Canadian affiliate marketing program that can pay thousands of dollar per commission? Let us know by commenting below.

Got any other Canadian affiliate programs to recommend?

We understand that there may be other interesting affiliate programs in Canada that are worth joining, so we are open to hearing your suggestions if you have any. Use the commenting feature below to recommend any affiliate program that you think is worth adding to this list. You can also recommend an affiliate program through our contact form. Make sure you include details such as the website URL, commission percentage, expected monthly earnings and any other information that is worth sharing for affiliates reading this post.

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